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 This groundbreaking work shines a light on the often-overlooked issue of mental health in the male population, specifically those on the front line. '


Detective Chris Anderson and Kevin Donaldson have made it their mission to change the face of mental illness and bring attention to this important issue. Through their own personal experiences and the stories of others, they offer an unflinching look at the reality of mental health and the impact it has on men and their loved ones.


With this book, they hope to inspire a greater understanding of mental health and encourage men everywhere to seek help when they need it. So join us as we take a deep dive into the world of mental health and gain a unique perspective on the struggles faced by men on the front line.

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A journey behind the badge and the uniform to a place really never talked about . The impact police work has on our officers. Up close and real , Man You Are Crazy doesn’t hold back it will force you to feel and never look at police officers the same because of their sacrifices are like no other job requirement . I laughed , cried but most importantly I came away with gratitude for my own life . It really puts a lot of things one takes for granted in a new light . I never wanted the book to end .

-Amazon Review

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